Wife of Charlotte Shooting Victim Releases Video of Police Encounter

The video, which is graphic and features strong language, doesn't show the shooting itself. The video does not show clearly whether Scott had a gun.

Another lawyer for the Scott family, Charles Monnett, said: "We don't know enough of the facts to know whether this officer should be charged".

One officer can be heard saying: "Let me get a f--ing baton over here".

Roberts told CNN's Anderson Cooper that the videos did not provide "a very clear picture".

The footage is "not great" for investigative purposes because you don't see the officers and you don't know whom Scott's wife is speaking to or what she is referring to when she says, "Don't do it", said former FBI Special Agent-In-Charge Rich Frankel.

After the gunshots, Scott can be seen lying face-down on the ground while his wife says "he better live".

Several local residents, however, claimed Scott, 43, was carrying a book, not a gun when he stepped from the auto after police approached.

SCOTT: "Don't shoot him".

As the officers continue to urge Scott to drop any gun, Rakeyia Scott urges Keith to step out of the vehicle.

A vigil was held for Carr early Thursday night, with protesters praying at the site of the shooting.

Protesters called on police to release the video that could resolve wildly different accounts of the shooting earlier this week.

The video, released by NBC News, ends with Rakeyia asking the police officers if they called an ambulance.

On Friday, a cell phone video that was taken by Scott's wife was released by the family. He added: "You can not let the mob run how a police department runs an investigation". North Carolina's governor declared a state of emergency in the city.

Putney said that he chose to release the footage after receiving assurances from the State Bureau of Investigation that it would not impact their independent probe of the shooting.

Protesters also descended upon I-277, as they did the previous two nights. "I'd still encourage the Charlotte police department to release all that's possible". Protests were more peaceful Thursday after a midnight to 6 a.m. curfew was established.

At least 100 people continued to make their way through the streets, and police suggested the curfew would be enforced only if there were trouble.

Officers saw a handgun initially when Scott was inside his vehicle, according to Putney.

On Friday, Charlotte-Mecklenberg police Chief Kerr Putney said he expected police videos of the shooting to be released eventually when investigators decide it can be done as part of a package with other information, so the videos aren't made public without context.

It comes after a protestor who was shot during two days of riots in Charlotte died following a "civilian on civilian" attack. "Last night was what a lawful demonstration looks like", she said. But he added: "When taken in the totality of all the other evidence, it supports what we said".

At a press conference Saturday night, the Scott family attorney Justin Bamberg insisted the footage suggests the police officers' shooting was not justified.

  • Larry Hoffman