Shelter Order For Strong Odor Lifted In Vallejo

A 40-yard-wide sheen on the water was reported in San Pablo Bay Wednesday morning after a mysterious odor prompted shelter-in-place orders in Vallejo on Tuesday night, U.S. Coast Guard officials said. At the time, a tanker was berthed at the marine terminal.

As of Wednesday afternoon, the sheens were no longer visible, and the Coast Guard believes they have evaporated or dissipated.

"The exact volume of the material released is still being determined, and the cause of the incident is under investigation", Nuss said in an email. At this time, there have been no injuries associated with the release and there is no anticipated health impact to the community.

The Vallejo Fire Department said Tuesday evening it has received more than 500 calls reporting a strong gas smell in the Glen Cove and Beverly Hills Park neighborhoods.

Firefighters on Wednesday said the smell did not originate within the Vallejo city limits.

Fire officials said crews have not detected any abnormal readings on portable gas monitors, but the reports prompted a shelter-in-place order.

Vallejo residents have been told by officials it's safe to leave the house and school is back in session. "The smell was just awful, so I got my grandchildren and my paraplegic son out the house".

The Coast Guard didn't spot a sheen around Vallejo from the air on Tuesday but said crews will look again Wednesday morning.

Residents were advised to close their windows and turn off any air-conditioning systems, according to Vallejo city spokeswoman Joanna Altman, who said in a video posted to social media around 10 p.m. that more than 800 calls had been received by dispatch.

  • Larry Hoffman