Man still recovering after grizzly bear attack near Ennis

Montana Wildlife officials say there is no plan to kill any bears at this time, since the one that attacked Orr was probably just protecting her cubs. The video shows Orr with blood streaming down his face from a deep gash on his head and what he described as "pieces of stuff" hanging from his mangled arm.

Video may contain graphic content that may not be suitable for some audiences.

The Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks said it will determine what, if anything, will happen to the bear.

"It's becoming more common every year", Aasheim said. He said he offered to drive him to the hospital, but Orr said he could drive himself.

According to the Montana Standard, the attack occurred on Saturday while Orr was out scouting for potential hunting locations on the North Fork of Bear Creek in the Madison Range.

Orr yelled louder to try to divert the bear from him, opting to unleash bear spray when the animal was about 25 feet away to no avail as it ran straight through the stream and attacked him.

"I think my arm's broke, but my legs are good, my internal organs are good, eyes are good", Orr says in the video.

Courtesy Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife
Courtesy Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife

"My ear, my arm and then my shoulder".

"I will have to clean out the truck a little better".

Madison County Sheriff Roger Thompson confirmed numerous details of Orr's account to the Montana Standard on the day of the attack, before Orr released the video.

Orr managed to play dead, and eventually the bear lost interest and left.

Todd Orr posted a Facebook video on Sunday after he was attacked by a mother bear twice before he was finally able to walk to safety.

The sheriff did not return a call for comment Monday.

  • Larry Hoffman