Here's How Corey Feldman Is Doing After His Bizarre 'Today' Performance

"But we don't deserve. these things that are said about us are bad".

Now, after crying about it in now-deleted Facebook videos, Feldman says he's okay with being somewhat of a target for ridicule for the online community.

"That the last thing that I saw before I got on that plane was them calling me a piece of crap".

Former child star Feldman - famous for his roles in "80s films The Goonies, Stand by Me and The Lost Boys - played the song 'Go 4 It" with his band Corey's Angels, a performance that some deemed freakish and led to derisive comments online.

The actor and recording artist revealed his moves were largely inspired by the late King of Pop and personal friend Michael Jackson.

Today, Feldman dropped by The Talk, where, after receiving a standing ovation from the audience, he opened up about his Today appearance.

"We just wanted to tell everybody that, like, it's been really painful, he said".

I wholeheartedly agree that becoming the butt of an internet joke is no fun for anyone, but it seems like Feldman's tale might be starting to show it's silver lining. "I wanna reach out to Corey Feldmen in a kind way and say that you have to not read that s-. people can be so terrible and mean online and it can BREAK you". "Why is it OK to publicly shame us?" Probably not. Feldman sang "Go 4 It" off his Angelic 2 the Core album, and, honestly, I don't even want to describe it because it would rob you of a truly unique experience. There's no such thing as bad publicity, right? "It's not acceptable", Feldman told Us Weekly almost a week after the incident.

Will he take them up on their offer?

"I wanted people to see, I am not fake, I am a real person and this affects me - I am made of flesh and blood and emotion", he added. In the end, all that matters is that he's happy. Let us know in the comments section.

  • Salvatore Jensen