Apple 'Hissing-gate': iPhone 7 & 7 Plus handsets making unusual sounds

Some iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus users have reported their new smartphones have had quite the hissy fit - making a noise that sounds like a snake hissing in the grass.

There have been several reports about Apple's latest flagship device making a hissing sound. The move, though, is being widely interpreted as an acknowledgement that sales of the iPhone 7 will be much lower than previous models.

Some users said they can hear the hissing sound coming from the back of the device when the phone's new A10 Fusion processor was being pushed hard by certain games and other demanding apps.

The apparent issue remains inconsistent, with others confirming no noise from their own iPhone 7 devices when pushing them through benchmark tests created to work the phone at its capacity. While the phones seem to work fine despite the hissing sound, users are a bit anxious as other premium smartphones are virtually silent even during heavy processor use.

"As my iPhone 7 Plus was restoring from iCloud, I thought I noticed some sound", Hackett said.

It is assumed that Apple might fix the hissing sound with a firmware update.

Overall what is your opinion on the Apple iPhone 7, particularly the Jet Black version? It's described as a hissing noise, somewhat similar to the noise made by an exhaust fan but the phone itself has no inbuilt fans.

The advice here, is that you need to go to an Apple Store and get a replacement for your phone.

Thankfully, all phones now still continue to work, but a hissing phone is certainly not something you want to hold in your hand or put in your pocket.

Apple's iPhone 7 sold out just hours after its launch. There's also been some reports that claim the company will replace the iPhone if the problem continues.

The glossy black version of the iPhone 7 looks stunning but as some customers report, it scratches insanely easy.

  • Carolyn Briggs