Angela Simmons Shares Precious Pic of New Baby

The model and fashion designer hasn't exactly identified the father of her child, but most believe it to be Atlanta businessman Sutton Tennyson, whom she is engaged to.

The newest member of the Simmons family is here.

The 29-year-old gave birth a few days ago, but now at home, shared the good news with fans on Instagram. "Everything happened in the most flawless way", Angela posted on Instagram showing off her diamond ring soon after Sutton popped the question.

Speaking on this next stage of life, Simmons is also referring to marriage (peep the ring emoji).

You might remember the 29-year-old was revealed to be pregnant back in May, which was then followed by some insane rumors surrounding her fiancé Sutton Tennyson and an alleged side chick. Get all the details about her new bundle of joy here! "Starting a family was something that I could have only dreamed of", she wrote. "I'm so happy for you!", he tweeted after she posted her video. I have some dates in mind and I'm working with Tiffany Cook.

Congratulations to Simmons on all of the great things happening in her life, especially the arrival of her firstborn child. According to Simmons, Rev Run's name (Joseph Ward Simmons) will influence her son's name, so stay tuned for that reveal.

"YES! I couldn't be more excited, she captioned the video in which her new bauble is the star of the clip".

  • Joanne Flowers