Nintendo NX Announcement May Happen Via A Nintendo Direct, Nintendo Rep Suggests

As a result, we have nothing but rumours and speculation and to make matters worse, Nintendo is starting to get rather sensitive about the whole thing.

GS originally reported on the warning, then later changed its article at Nintendo's behest (as was first spotted here) - so the company isn't just being testy about NX talk, it's going full on a bully boy by the sound of it.

The fact that both Sony and Microsoft have beaten Nintendo to the shelves in the next-gen console wars is one possible explanation as to why the firm is being so arsey about hardware-related chatter. In this interview, which has since been redacted, Nintendo of Canada communications manager Andrew Collins indicated that the NX's announcement may happen via a Nintendo Direct.

"Almost everyone leads the interview with that, and Nintendo is not ready to discuss it [Nintendo NX] yet". 'Once we are, Nintendo will most likely hold a Nintendo Direct in the future - before launch - to discuss it'. Or will they host a Nintendo Direct (or a Digital Event) instead?

Or maybe they just don't want gamers reading in between the lines and overhyping the console, only to be disappointed when it is revealed. In any case, nearly nothing is known about the Nintendo NX. In any case, like we said, nearly nothing is known about the console for now, but, obviously, they will need to reveal something before its release, so everyone just needs to play the waiting game for now.

It is not clear why Nintendo is being this sensitive. Essentially, the device is rumored to have a built-in display so users can play on-the-go, but it will also have the capability to connect to televisions, so users can play at home.

  • Arturo Norris