'There was no sniffles': Trump denies sniffing throughout presidential debate

Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and Republican nominee Donald Trump faced off in the first presidential debate - and cleveland.com wants to know what you made of the matchup.

Out Tuesday, a CNN/ORC Poll deemed Clinton the victor of the highly anticipated debate by 62% of voters who watched, while 27% said they thought Trump had the better night Monday.

Most analysts scored the Democrat, widely seen as a better bet for stable USA finances, as the victor over Republican Trump, who lashed out at Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen as a political tool during the heavily televised debate.

Two more debates will be held between Trump and Clinton before the November 8 general election.They will be held October 9 and 19.

At one point, Trump described Clinton as "all talk, no action", but the comment was more applicable to his failure to substantiate his expansive assertions.

On Monday night, Trump drew the most comparisons to Al Gore, whose performance during an October 2000 debate with George W. Bush is still remembered for incessant sighs and looks of exasperation. Asked about the possibility Trump could pull out, Clinton said she'd show up regardless. Holt asked Clinton no direct questions about her email scandal, pay-for-play allegations involving the Clinton Foundation, her statement that half of Trump's supporters were "deplorables", or her handling of the Benghazi terrorist attack.

Clinton, meanwhile, was in a celebratory mood, telling reporters on her campaign plane she had a "great, great time" and was "thrilled" by how it went.

"I think Donald just criticized me for preparing for this debate, " Clinton said. When she mentioned the years he hasn't paid federal or state taxes, and suggested that might be the reason he won't release tax returns now, he jumped in with "that makes me smart".

Trump and Clinton will face off again this Sunday, Oct. 9 at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri.

"I would say that the other guy doesn't have the preparation, the temperament or the core values of inclusion and making everybody have opportunities that would take our country forward", he noted of the controversial Republican presidential nominee.

On a crucial issue, especially for Clinton, Trump appeared unprepared with anything approaching a plan to deal with matters from ISIS to nuclear weapons to cybersecurity, while Clinton was loaded for bear. It was not until this month that Trump said publicly he believed Obama was US -born.

  • Leroy Wright