The hissing iPhone 7 problem

Apple iPhone 7 and 7 Plus owners have reported that the devices a odd hissing sound problem. However, the bigger complaint is about the device making a hissing sound. When restoring his iPhone from iCloud, Hackett claims to have noticed the low hiss and soon realised it wasn't coming from the speakers, but deeper within the phone. He also provided a clip exposing the disturbing sound of his device alongside his tweet. He also points out that it's not a universal problem because he has "tested an iPhone 7 using 3DMark "Ice Storm Extreme, ' a performance benchmark that puts the processor under serious strain, and heard no hissing at all". Early adopters are taking to twitter, reporting a hissing sound coming from their new devices when the phone runs labour intensive apps such as games. Due to the sound originating from heavy requests on the processor 9to5Mac reports that many believe it to be the A10 Fusion system on chip itself.

The New iPhone is here and like every time the hype for this phone is over the roof. There are no fans in there, yet the sound seems like the whirring of a fan, in other devices like laptops.

The tech firm were quick to remedy the problem for Mr Hackett after he got on the phone (presumably a landline) to AppleCare and the firm said it would replace the handset. As it seems that the hissing sound is the only unusual phenomena, it is uncertain specifically what is causing the iPhone 7 Plus to produce a hissing sound or what it could affect, as Hackett did not report any other problems like heat.

While this issue is nothing compared to an exploding battery, it raises concerns about Apple's quality checks. The hiss is now being blamed on coil noise, a common occurrence in electrical devices. Apple did come out with an official statement saying that only 9 iPhones had encountered the bending issue, regardless, it led to negative publicity and became one of the hot topics for the iPhone 6 Plus for all the wrong reasons.

The first one in line to buy the iPhone 7 in the UAE was 22-year-old Ahmed Alhajri, who flew out all the way from Saudi Arabia and waited 10 hours outside of the store.

  • Carolyn Briggs