Melania Trump Sues Daily Mail For Defamation Following Escort Story

Melania Trump is suing the publisher of the Daily Mail for $150 million for running a "tremendously damaging" article that alleged she once worked at an escort service in the 1990s.

Melania Trump announced last week that she meant to take legal action against the Daily Mail and Maryland blogger, Webster Griffin Tarpley.

Melania Trump sues Daily Mail, blogger over "defamatory" stories was posted in World of The News International - on September 02, 2016 and was last updated on September 02, 2016.

Specifically, it said Trump's modeling agency in NY, run by Paolo Zampolli, "operated as an escort agency for wealthy clients".

The retraction, published on page 14 of the Daily Mail tabloid and on its popular website, said the newspaper regrets any "misinterpretation" of the August 20 article.

In its statement, the Daily Mail said that it did not "intend to state or suggest that Mrs. Trump ever worked as an "escort" or in the 'sex business".

It added that the Daily Mail's actions were so "egregious, malicious and harmful" as to merit £114 million in damages. She married Donald Trump, the Republican nominee for the November 8 election, in 2005.

Melania Trump, the wife of presidential hopeful Donald Trump, filed an anti-defamation suit Thursday against Mail Media, the parent company of The Daily Mail.

Blogger Webster Griffin Tarpley wrote that Mrs. Trump feared her past becoming public, the BBC reported.

The article's point, the paper says, was that to show how even false allegations could hurt a candidate's chances, a lesson that lying liar Donald Trump could probably stand to learn.

Observant reporters spotted that Trump was being represented by the same lawyer who represented Hulk Hogan in a lawsuit against Gawker Media. In it, they basically claimed that she had once worked as an escort.

Prior to Trump's formal lawsuit, her lawyer put a handful of news outlets "on notice".

Her modeling career brought her in 1996 to the United States, where two years later she met the real estate mogul and reality television star she would eventually marry. She married Mr. Trump in 2005.

  • Salvatore Jensen