Early Voting in Minnesota Starts Friday

Otherwise, your ballot won't be counted until Election Day.

So, how many Minnesotans vote absentee? However, according to state law, the auditor's office must mail the ballot to the resident.

New estimates show there are around 2.6 million people who are eligible to vote who are living overseas or active in the military. If you live in one of the nine states with a "non-strict" photo ID, some voters can cast a ballot that will be counted without any additional action needed.

Not able to get out to the polls on Election Day?

The last day an absentee in-person vote can be cast is November 5.

Minnesota has early absentee voting. On Monday, some MS voters can begin voting.

"The key thing is if you are coming in for registration, don't forget your proof of residence", said Moe. For others, Election Day will still be the final moment to cast a ballot after taking in all the information available through the fall.

Individuals who wish to vote early in the Tuesday, Nov. 8, Presidential Election may vote in-person starting Monday, Sept. 26.

Minnesota voters can request an absentee ballot quickly and easily at mnvotes.org using the online application. Lisa Gooden, of the Rockingham County Voter Registrar, says a three-year-old was even the recipient of a letter in one part of Virginia! Still, they are of interest because, unlike polls, they deal with actual voters either casting ballots or taking their first steps to do so.

Fauquier County has about 47,000 registered voters.

Three states, Oregon, Washington and Colorado hold their elections via mail - no polling places. "We've had a fair number of new ones sign up". This normally would be the county auditor's office.

"People seem to understand when we say that we're on the same street as Fauquier High school, behind the Food Lion, at the corner of Rappahannock and Waterloo", Mr. Ables said.

Be sure to check out our friends over at GoVoteMN for more election information, or visit the Secretary of State's website here.

But some critics said the purging practice arbitrarily removes voters for exercising their right to pick elections that interest them.

Simon said he often hears the argument it's a bad idea for people to vote so early in the election before they have had time to watch the debates and gather information.

Starting Friday September 23, if you are eligible to vote, you can start casting absentee ballots in Minnesota for the November 8 general election.

Virginia law requires voters to present an acceptable photo ID when voting in-person.

With the last day to register to vote in the November election rapidly approaching, election officials will have a Voter Registration Drives in each county two weeks in advance of the October 11 deadline.

"If you need to request a ballot by mail, we advise applying as early as possible to account for any potential delays in mail delivery", Mr. Cortés said. If you want to cast an absentee ballot, you can either show up at the county auditor's office and vote in person, or request that a ballot be mailed to you.

As with most Presidential years, the board is expecting high voter turnout, but no higher than the 80 percent that was seen in 2012.

Election season is nearly here and the deadlines for registering to vote are closing quickly. Any eligible citizen with a driver's license or DMV ID card can register to vote online at scvotes.org.

  • Larry Hoffman