How tall are Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump compared to you?

With millions watching and the American presidency on the line, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are poised for a must-see showdown Monday night, pitting the Democrat's call for steady, experienced leadership against the Republican's pugnacious promises to upend Washington.

He said Clinton's arguments were disingenuous. She noted that the few years of tax returns he had released showed that despite his wealth, he had paid no federal income tax.

Ahead of the debates Clinton has been cloistered with aides and her papers at home in Chappaqua, north of NY, even practicing with relatives playing Trump. Former Congresswoman Gabby Giffords and her husband, astronaut Mark Kelly, will also attend that event, an aide said.

The stakes are high for both candidates, but Mrs Clinton arguably has more to lose.

Clinton also was able to make a positive argument for herself by showing stronger command of the issues than Trump and by speaking in more than just stump speech sound bites.

"I say nothing", Trump replied.

The exchange occurred when moderator Lester Holt questioned Trump on what exactly the Republican candidate meant when the he said Clinton lacked the "presidential look." You just want your team to win. Clinton turned it into an opportunity to hit Trump for engaging in "a long pattern of racist behavior".

Here's the question that Rasmussen asked the poll takers from both sides of the aisle: "In the upcoming debates, will most moderators try to help Hillary Clinton, be unbiased or try to help Donald Trump?".

- Be entertaining. After all, isn't this what we most value in a president? The US presidential debate is a tradition followed since 1960 to know the candidates off their campaign trails and out of convention halls.

The basic theory, for which Trump and other birthers have never produced a shred of credible evidence, is that contemporaneous documents proving Obama's Hawaiian birth in 1961 were conspiratorially planted so he could run for president almost a half-century later.

The Republican was on the defensive several times in the debate, notably rejecting the suggestion that he supported the invasion in Iraq in 2003.

The poll, conducted by Consulta Mitofsky and released last week, showed that 2.9 percent of Mexicans have a favorable opinion of Trump, compared to 30.4 percent for Clinton.

She is tied with Trump at 41 percent among registered voters, with Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson at seven percent and Green Party candidate Jill Stein at two percent, according to the poll. 100... more? Now we're talking Super Bowl-size numbers (112 million watched this year's game, and the record for biggest telecast ever is last year's 115 million tally).

Clinton said her use of a private server was a mistake but did not address why the messages were deleted.

The tight race for the White House and the unpredictable clash in styles between two well-known but polarizing opponents has generated wide interest in the potentially pivotal debate, which comes six weeks before the November 8 election after a campaign that has stretched over more than a year.

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  • Leroy Wright