Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton debate-who won?

His son, Chris Sununu, is running for governor.

"That's for sure", Trump said.

In Wisconsin, recent polls show Hillary Clinton with a three to seven point advantage over Donald Trump.

Tim Kaine's warning to Donald Trump ahead of tonight's debate.

Kaine was speaking at a rally in Lakeland, Florida. "There will be some who will be waiting to see if Donald Trump can act presidential - civilized, you know - someone you could see in the role of president", Greenberg explained.

Note: This page will update automatically as the debate proceeds. And you say, "Well what do you mean pressure, it's a debate".

Trump tried to turn the tables back on Clinton, saying she had treated the president with "terrible disrespect" during the 2008 campaign. He plans to take the weekend off from campaigning to prepare for his October 4 debate with Democrat Tim Kaine. A lot of minds are already made up, says Seton Hall Political Science Professor Matthew Hale, which is not necessarily a good thing for either side.

Donald Trump campaigns in Florida. I call it Trumped-up trickle-down, because that's exactly what it would be. "Hillary Clinton has an advantage in those battleground states that will ultimately be decisive".

Pence was interviewed Monday on the Hugh Hewitt radio show.

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy said the two spoke by phone, hours before the two presidential hopefuls would face off at Hofstra University in NY.

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are just hours away from a TV debate ahead of one of the most highly-anticipated political showdowns for years, with polls putting the pair nearly neck and neck.

The segments featured in the debate include the economy, national security, foreign policy and America's Direction.

The debate at Hofstra University will be carried by a variety of television networks and social-media sites.

About 11% of voters are considered "debate persuadables"-that is, they think the debates are important and are either third-party voters or only loosely committed to either major-party candidate".

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