Who Got Voted Off Survivor Millennials vs Gen X 2016 Tonight? Premiere

No one wants to be the first person voted off Survivor Season 33, but after a very insane premiere night on Survivor 2016 we had the first Tribal Council of the season and the first castaway sent home on Survivor Millennials vs Gen X was determined, so who got voted off Survivor Millennials vs Gen X 2016 tonight?

Survivor has some traditions in place at this point. First, we have the opening narration from Jeff Probst after a gorgeous shot of the location. (This time, it's Fiji.) During that opening narration, we get confessionals from some of the players. Among the standouts were Zeke, the 28-year-old, Tommy Bahama shirt-wearing millennial who refuses to see himself as a millennial; Mari, the professional gamer who steps up as the de facto mom of the tribe; and David, the Gen Xer who's basically afraid of everything, especially water. But these decisions will affect them for the rest of the game, as some stations force them to pick one item, and leave something else behind (i.e: the Millennials chose chickens over fishing gear). Jessica from Gen X manages to slip away to read the mysterious note she found early, and is informed it's a "Legacy Advantage" - a new twist! The hallowed TV show that premiered on May 31 2000 is now on its 33rd season. Should she make it to Day 36, she wins an advantage in the game. Also for the first time in the show's history, every castaway had to be evacuated. However, the more shortcuts taken, the more pieces the final puzzle had.

With the Millennials having won the first immunity challenge, the Gen X-ers were sent to Tribal Council. Because of the loss and losing on the puzzle, they made a decision to vote out Rachel! Ultimately, we get a tribal council in which the vote is split, 5-3-1-1, with even youth pastor Sunday and insurance adjuster CeCe receiving votes! Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X airs Wednesdays, 8 p.m. EDT on CBS. See you next Wednesday!

  • Zachary Reyes