Corey Feldman's "Go 4 It" Performance on Today Was Insane

The actor - best known for appearing in such classics as Stand By Me and The Lost Boys - showed off his pop star credentials when he appeared on The Today Show in the U.S., taking to the stage with a song called Go 4 It. What ensued is something you really need to see for yourself.

"Where were you when you saw Corey Feldman dab on the "Today" show?"

The music then kicked off and Feldman began dancing around the stage before going into the vocals of "Go for It", from the band's new album Angelic 2 the Core.

The performance itself was marked by some impressively weird dance moves and vocals by Feldman, who at one point shed his hood to transform into a Michael Jackson-esque costume that he complemented with some imitation moonwalking. Rapper Doc Ice made a surprise cameo towards the end of the performance, and the best part was when it was all over, since it was a total embarrassment for all involved.

Watch Feldman's performance below. Although the album cover looks like a picture of Feldman groping two of the Corey's Angels, the women are actually helping him rise out of hell. The '80s-movie mainstay went on Today to promote his album Angelic 2 The Core, so titled because he can't resist punning on his name at every opportunity. Once, he performed with Limp Bizkit, and his new song features Snoop Dogg.

  • Salvatore Jensen