Michael Bisping gives prediction for Eddie Alvarez vs. Conor McGregor

We'd imagine "The Notorious" would prefer to have Diaz be his enemy instead of the guy who plays Jon Snow, but this still is a pretty cool opportunity for the popular UFC fighter.

McGregor defeated Diaz via majority decision in the highly anticipated bout.

"I thought he [Diaz] did good", Perez told Submission Radio.

"They were bad. The knee was bad and the ribs were bad because when he hurt his knee, he couldn't run. If this guy wants this title, he can come get it". When it turns into when he's a little bit exhausted and he has to dig down, it's over.

"He was in good shape before the second fight, but the knee set him back along with the rib".

So he can't back out of the fight.

"I watched it like five times already", Perez continued. It is also likely to irritate McGregor to the point that he will instead opt for a fight with Eddie Alvarez or José Aldo as his next move.

Those first seven minutes of McGregor against Diaz was what stood out to Alvarez. "Because he was really sharp".

All that being said, Alvarez isn't convinced that McGregor will want to face him. "So that's why I knew it wouldn't happen that way". Pointing to the example of Rafael Dos Anjos, who missed out on a lucrative fight with McGregor due to injury and subsequently lost his belt on a far less prestigious "Fight Night" card, Perez explained that Nate's reaction was, 'No, we can't do that.

Nate should be commending Conor fully for edging him in an instant classic rather than giving him backhanded compliments like, 'He should have finished me off.

It appears Conor McGregor is taking his fight to the wide world of video games.

"I think Alvarez kills him man".

"You can't win a round by running and sure McGregor threw a lot of kicks in the first round". I thought he won 3, 4 and 5 but y'know.

He even told Diaz as the judges were tallying the scores that there was no way McGregor wasn't going to win this fight and that they would soon be preparing for a third bout to bring the trilogy to a close.

"They'll put me aside so I have to fight". For everyone, not just me. And I knew that at the end - Nathan asked me and I said, they're gonna give it to McGregor, because I figured they'd want a third fight.

  • Julie Sanders