Couple has giant bed built to share with 8 rescue dogs

What do you do when all eight of your dogs want to share a bed with you? Well, in the case of one couple, you make a giant bed to accommodate the lot of you.

Chris and Mariesa Hughes run a dog rescue centre in NY, called The Mr. Mo Project, and found that they weren't able to sleep comfortably in their normal bed because their eight dogs took up most of the space.

Seriously, if there was a Best Pet Owners award, this couple would win it.

Chris and Mariesa Hughes knew they needed to find a solution to the sleepless nights caused by their seven pillow-hogging rescue dogs.

"At the night time all of the dogs want to sleep on the bed and sometimes it becomes too cluttered and we end up being pushed off of the bed or sleeping on the couch", Chris, who works as a furniture maker in upstate NY, told Today.

So they turned to Michael's Custom Interiors, to build a bed that could fit them all in.

The bed head has engraved paw prints
The bed head has engraved paw prints

Roughly four metres long and two metres wide, it takes one king-sized mattress at the top, and a double-sized mattress placed horizontally along the bottom. "But, we want them to sleep with us".

The jumbo bed, which took Chris six months to build, features a set of stairs for their older pups who can't jump up on the bed and storage drawers throughout the wooden frame.

The bed head has engraved paw prints.

'Tejas is the only dog that likes his space so he usually sleeps on one of the many decorative dog beds on the floor & Mabel will start out sleeping next to Chris under the covers but because she only weighs 3 pounds we move her to a pack and play next to the bed so she doesn't get stepped on.

The pair weren't really getting a good night's sleep this way, so they enlisted a local craftsman's help in making a huge "mega bed" which would comfortably fit them and their pooches.

  • Joanne Flowers