Secret Service Reportedly Broke Protocol to Keep Clinton Out of ER

In the video, detail leader Todd Madison was seen leaving Clinton's side to open the doors of the van.

Sources also told the newspaper Clinton was supposed to have a NYPD protective detail leading her motorcade, but Secret Service agents took off before the NYPD team could assemble. Opening the van is the site agent's job, according to the former agent; the detail leader's proper position is next to Clinton.

Secret Service spokeswoman Cathy Milhoan issued the following statement later Sunday: "During the early departure today of one of our protectees, at no time did any Secret Service personnel violate security protocols".

Clinton travels with a small group of reporters and photographers representing broadcast and print outlets.

Not feeling so well: Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton arrives to attend a ceremony at the National September 11 Memorial, in NY. Aides said Clinton felt "overheated", and her personal doctor later revealed Clinton had been found to have pneumonia on Friday. At that event, Clinton stirred controversy by referring to some Trump supporters as "deplorables".

Clinton left a 9/11 memorial ceremony early after feeling ill, and can be seen in a widely circulated video standing by a curb with aides while waiting for a auto to arrive. Instead, pool reporters have met up with Clinton at her plane or elsewhere.

Hillary Clinton was headed to an emergency room following her sudden collapse during the September 11 memorial ceremony - but ditched her NYPD escort and detoured to daughter Chelsea Clinton's apartment to keep details of her medical treatment under wraps, The Post has learned. The pool was later driven separately to Westchester County, where the Democratic nominee lives.

Bill argued that Hillary needed to check into a hospital, where she could get a thorough physical exam. Hillary argued that if word leaked out that she had to go to the hospital, it would do irreparable damage to her presidential campaign.

Robert Gibbs, President Barack Obama's first White House press secretary, suggested in a tweet Sunday that it's time for Clinton to adopt a more formal protective pool.

  • Joanne Flowers