Missing Father Mark Tromp Has been Found Alive In Wangaratta

Mitchell Tromp said he and his siblings had to leave the trip due to their parents' behaviour, which he said was out of character.

Mark and Jacoba Tromp were seen together at a Wangaratta shopping centre on Wednesday.

He said the family were trying to support each other as best as they could - but none of them had experienced anything like it before.

Mitchell said his parents' behaviour was out of character and he wanted to see his father return home.

"This is a really unusual case", he said.

"Yeah, happy Father's Day", Mitchell said, laughing. "In hindsight, I should have tried to stay with them and try and help and bring them back around and talk to them more, but I got out of the auto".

Police confirmed Mark Tromp had been cleared by a medical assessor from Albury Wodonga Health and was safe and well.

Riana was later found under mental stress on the side of the road and taken to hospital.

Daughter Ella, 22, told reporters on Thursday in Melbourne the general stresses of life "just got a bit too much" for her parents.

"It was a build-up of different, normal everyday events, pressure and it slowly got worse as the days went by", he said.

"It was all very confusing".

"She was a well-dressed young woman and she offered to give me $50 for my trouble, but I said no thanks". Mum and dad's minds weren't in the best places'.

Even if you heard the whole story, Mitch and Ella Tromp say, you still couldn't explain it.

'The main thing is everything worked out well, ' he told reporters. He throws it out of the window near Warburton, about 32 kilometres from the family home.

He is staying with his brother Ken.

Jacoba, 53, was found alive in Yass Hospital in NSW on Thursday morning.

In what police have described as a freakish set of circumstances, the Tromp family became separated at different stages of their impromptu trip to NSW, before the children reported their parents missing on Tuesday morning.

The vehicle of missing Victorian couple Mark and Coby Tromp has been found in the New South Wales town of Wangaratta.

The back door had been pushed open at each premises and food was taken from one. At the horse club it appeared someone had tried to gain access to two cars.

It is believed he has been taken to the Wangaratta police station.

Police have said the couple left their residence in Silvan, Victoria, on Monday, August 29 to travel to NSW with their three adult children - aged in their 20s - before the pair separated from their kids.

Mark was reportedly paranoid that someone was going to kill them, but police have said the family were never in danger.

Mystery still surrounds what happened to a Victorian couple who were reported missing by their children after they vanished while on a trip to New South Wales.

The couple were then reported missing. Ella drives back to the family home in Silvan.

'He thinks people are after him.

Mitchell said his mum, who is also known as Coby, was occasionally anxious, but not to the extent that she was on the trip.

Riana had walked out on her parents freakish road trip at the Jenolan Caves on Tuesday.

But the following day the three children decided they did not want to continue on as their parents became more and more mentally distressed, the Herald Sun reported. Ella drove herself home while Riana was discovered in the back of a man's ute. Later in the day, Jacoba is taken to Yass District Hospital after a local found her wandering around town.

Speaking to media on Friday, Mitchell said he couldn't explain the family's paranoia. It was tough to see the family like that, and I've never seen anyone like it.

  • Salvatore Jensen