'Ruthless' Stephen Bear WINS Celebrity Big Brother 2016!

Recalling one of his most frustrating moments on the show, Bear also told the Daily Star Sunday newspaper: "No one was around". Did the public vote prove to "bear or not to bear"?

Bear added, "As soon as I came out, they been awful to me, no one said well done, I don't mind, I take the rough with the smooth but just wanted someone to say well done".

This series has not been short of controversy, including the removal of housemate Christopher Biggins over offensive comments, and complaints to media watchdog Ofcom about frequent nudity and scenes of sexual content between Bear and Chloe Khan, as well as between Geordie Shore's Marnie Simpson and Towie star Lewis Bloor.

Speaking on Saturday, a day on from his win, Bear said: "If I am a bully, I bully you into being positive".

"This is reality television, this is a high rated show".

"If I know I've upset someone I'll genuinely leave them be and then talk to them sensibly, I never once bitched about someone behind their back, I was never terrible like ..."

Renee and Frankie Grande joined Stephen Bear, Ricky and Marnie on the morning show which almost leaded to a repeat performance of their previous showdowns but it seems Renee has learned not to bite the bait when it comes to bear.

"I just want someone to say, "You done really well", because the whole nation has watched me and gone, 'Do you know what, he's actually alright'".

The Ex On The Beach star told Willis he "knew he was going to win", but evaded her questions, so she told him: "You've just won, give me a serious interview".

Stephen also spoke about Chloe Khan who he shared saucy romps with.

Bear can not understand why people don't like him after he was name the victor of Celebrity Big Brother.

After confessing that all he wanted was for one person to congratulate him on his win, the housemates joined him for a quick game of Agree or Disagree.

Meanwhile, Bear took a break from celebrating his incredible win by catching up on a bit of TV.

  • Salvatore Jensen