Airbnb host claims he 'used hidden cameras to film guests having sex'

Airbnb was also served a lawsuit in 2015 by a German couple, Yvonne Schumacher and Kevin Stockton, after they discovered a secret camera recording them at an Airbnb property in Irvine, California.

A user claiming to be an Airbnb host wrote: "I swap hidden camera sex videos with other Airbnb hosts".

It's because an Airbnb host claims to have secretly filmed guests having sex and sharing the footage with other Airbnb hosts.

Hunor Király, evidently a skeptic commented: "I hope the next secret this person shares will be "I post fake secrets to PostSecret to piss people off".

The purported peeping Tom shared the scandalous secret on the popular Facebook page PostSecret, sparking reactions of shock and disgust from Airbnb users disturbed by the invasion of privacy.

Another commented: 'Disgusting. Now you're ruining [it] for the Airbnbs that actually make an effort to keep their clients happy/safe'.

In an online survey, The Telegraph asked its readers if they would still stay in an Airbnb, and 66 percent of 1,000 voters said they would still because the allegation is unproven and it could happen anywhere. "On our honeymoon. Smh (shake my head)".

"As an Air BNB host who has been doing my utmost for 2 years to treat my guests with kindness and respect, I'm shocked and saddened by this postcard", Jen Hunter commented.

But one Airbnb host claims to have lifted the lid on what could happen once you're all checked in - and it's far from...

Airbnb users have been horrified by the shocking revelation from one of the accommodation site's hosts.

Although Airbnb spokesperson Jakob Kerr claimed, "We have a zero tolerance policy and if we were made aware of something like this happening in a listing, we would immediately remove the host from Airbnb", there's simply no stopping hosts from violating the policies and complying with privacy laws.

It's not the first time Airbnb has become embroiled in a sleazy scandal - just last month a host was left fuming after a guest trashed her flat after using it to shoot a porn movie.

Later on, the owner found evidence of the same in the form of a sex toy on the bed, a bag of condoms, and used tissues, among other things.

  • Salvatore Jensen