Student killed in stabbing at Cornell University

Katia Toussaint, of Flatbush, Brooklyn, said her son, 19-year-old Anthony Nazaire, survived their rough neighborhood and was the first person to graduate high school and go on to college in the family.

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The Ithaca Police Department said an investigation was underway.

Police say witness interviews are underway, and suspect information is still being developed and police added additional information will be released as it is developed. The other wounded student was treated at a hospital and released. The City of Ithaca Police Department is withholding the name of the student who was injured due to the ongoing investigation.

Emily Marte, who studies at Onondaga Community College and lives in Ithaca during the summer, attended the party with several of her cousins.

Nazaire, a sophomore from Brooklyn, N.Y., was killed. "I don't even know what people were doing here at 2:00am", said Cornell Junior Max Bleiwis.

According to Ithaca Police, they've received a lot of tips from people who were in the area where the fight broke out, including videos recorded at the scene.

The college is offering counseling assistance beginning at 10 the lounge in the Circles Community Building, and a larger community gathering is also being planned, according to a statement released on behalf of President Tom Rochon.

Exclusive video shot during Omega Psi Phi's annual welcome party showed the final hours of slain Ithaca College sophomore Anthony Nazaire doing his version of the Milly Rock dance craze Sunday as partygoers on the Ivy League campus held up phones to record his impressive moves.

Once again, I ask that you please keep Anthony's family, the student who was injured, and their friends and loved ones in your thoughts and prayers.

Jamie Williamson, public information officer for the Ithaca Police Department, said no additional information is available at this time.

It was unclear what incited the incident, which Ryan Lombardi, a Cornell administrator, called "deeply disturbing" in a statement.

Williamson also said the IPD is now reviewing cell phone videos of the incident. He was stabbed several times at around 2am, as the center of the Cornell campus broke out into violence, police said.

  • Salvatore Jensen