Sony, Amazon And Steam Are Giving Unprecedented Refunds For 'No Man's Sky'

The user whaaatcrazy in a Reddit thread claimed that he was able to get a refund from Steam for "No Man's Sky" even after logging in eight hours of play time. Therefore, you shouldn't be surprised when you see so many No Man's Sky refund requests on both Steam and PS4. There are no special exemptions available.

The only problem with this is that players must have a game time that is below 2 hours in order to be eligible for the refund program from Steam. The original trailer and multiple interviews from Hello Games head honcho Sean Murry promised and confirmed multiple features that were missing from the final release. Interestingly enough, the Steam page to this day is still home to trailers with content not in the full game. But you shouldn't expect to have the option to buy the game, play it for 30 hours over the next week, and then get your money back automatically.

Hello Games has just given the game another new update, which should have fixed most of the game's issues.

On the matter of coming to the defense of the game, however, Polygon wrote a piece arguing that silence is the worst thing that Sony and Hello Games could do right now.

No Man's Sky is not the game a lot of people wanted it to be.

No Man's Sky

Amazon meanwhile said that refunds were only being offered on a case-by-case basis and refused to go into details.

What that means, in effect, is that Valve invites you to try your luck requesting a refund even if you've sunk 30 hours into No Man's Sky or any other game.

Although at this stage, and judging by the more recent reports, PlayStation 4 players seem to have gotten more refunds done than those on Steam, despite Sony's notorious "no refunds" policy.

Steam's normal policy is to offer refunds for games played for up to two hours within 14 days of purchase.

You could spend all your time with the game mining, discovering new planets, naming animals, and engaging in the odd space battle, but as for achieving any sort of value in it all, that's up to you.

  • Arturo Norris