IPhone Lightning Dock allows music playback while you charge

Where you'll have to stump up quite a lot of money to get a new iPhone sans the 3.5 mm port, there's an easier and cheaper way to achieve the new-found portlessness: Apple Plug.

While customers in countries like the US, Australia, the United Kingdom and China will be able to buy the handsets beginning September 16, Indians will have to wait for a few weeks.

The Apple Watch 2 will be available in gold, rose gold, silver or space grey aluminium, or silver or space black stainless steel cases paired with a wide variety of bands starting at £369 and going up to £1,249.

The new iPhone comes in a new jet black colour which made analysts happy.

The iPhone 7, with a 4.7-inch display, costs £599 for the 32GB option, the 128GB phone is £699 and the 256GB phone is £799. The biggest announcement yesterday was the iPhone 7 having a larger version has a dual camera. Apple claims it's 60% faster than previous iPhones. The home button is now touch-sensitive. The handsets come with IP67 rating signifying the fact that it is water and dust resistant, a first for the Apple smartphone. Apple is at least also giving out the Lighting-to-3.5mm adapter cable, so you don't have to buy one yourself. Apple defended the decision by citing one-word "courage".

Of course, Apple Plug isn't actually for sale - that would just be silly, now. He said that it will instead use a lightning connector instead. The new Lightning dock has some features that iPhone users who like music will appreciate.

  • Arturo Norris