Shocking! Ola slaps Hyderbad passenger with Rs 9 lakh bill

Hyderabad resident, Rathish Sekhar was shocked to horror when he was handed a Rs 9, 15, 887 bill by for an Ola cab trip.

On the 24th of August, Sekhar started his trip from Jubilee Hill at 7:57 am towards Nizamabad. He had a two-hour break there, and he returned in the same cab at 5:16 pm. The round trip should have cost him Rs. 5,000. But, the distance travelled was shown as 85,427 km on the Ola app and the bill amounted to over Rs. 9 lakh.

Speaking to Deccan Chronicle, Rathish said: "When I booked the cab the estimate shown on my phone was about Rs 5,000. When I actually returned, the bill showed Rs9.15 lakh", Sekhar told the newspaper. For example, sometimes the bill amount is displayed as "9158.87" which would mean Rs 9,158. This highly inflated amount would be equal to a first class flight ticket around the world while he could have also purchased two Tata Indica cabs with the amount. Obviously, Sekhar refused to pay the bill while Kumar called up Ola support staff who recalculated the bill to INR 4,812.

Citing slow service, Sekhar said that the process of recalculation took half an hour, and he got the actual invoice by email three days later.

However, when the Ola staff was apprised about the confusion they apologized for the technical error and promised to look into the issue.

App-based cab services like Ola and Uber has been under the scrutiny of the government following complaints from passengers pertaining to safety.

  • Leroy Wright