Nintendo NX: Cartridges Makes A Whole Lot Of Sense

This is a great sign for Nintendo lovers as independent game developers are also excited about the upcoming Nintendo NX. Out of all three current-gen consoles, only the Wii U actually loads data from discs. Let's take a look at the rumored specs, features, price, and release date of the Nintendo NX. They have been getting smaller and thinner through the years, as handheld systems like the Gameboy Color and Gameboy Advance have been released. However, we were expecting more pixels from the new console given how most consoles like Scorpio and Neo are already moving to 4K. Nintendo has said that it would create a new platform "that will be accepted by as many people around the world as possible". Nintendo had no comment when the WSJ asked about the NX using cartridges. Then, of course, there's the added anti-piracy aspect, which likely appeals to Nintendo. Focusing on the portable aspect of the gaming system, Nintendo is turning back to cartridges, anonymous sources told The Wall Street Journal.

For now, these are mostly speculations, since Nintendo has been very sparse about information for the Nintendo NX. The new controllers are created to eventually replace the Wii Remote.

It'll be interesting to see how Nintendo's strategy plays out with the Nintendo NX. The controllers are of equal measure with a width of around 38 mm. It also showed the different ports that will come with the console - TV port, SD Card port, and the headphone port, to name a few.

With 3DS still highly popular we won't be surprised if Nintendo allows backward compatibility for most of its 3DS games. Moreover, modern flash memory is also faster to produce than optical media, meaning cartridges would now have shorter lead in times than discs for third parties- a reversal of one of their biggest disadvantages from over 20 years ago. In comparison, the discs used by the PS4 and the Xbox One can store up to 50 GB of data.

So would you want cartridges instead of discs when the NX comes out?

  • Carolyn Briggs