Southwest Airlines flight attendant does hilarious Looney Tunes impression

Well, it's unlikely you'd have come across anything like the one delivered by Zach Haumesser as his Southwest Airlines flight came into land in Chicago last week.

Passengers on a flight to Chicago no doubt expected the usual "put your tray tables up and return your seats to their upright positions" announcement as they approached their destination.

His nearly two-and-a-half minute announcement, which includes a shout out to a travelling football team, was met with a round of applause from all on board.

One Southwest flight attendant figured out a way to make people actually pay attention.

A YouTube video of Haumesser's impersonations has garnered more than 2.6 million views since his co-worker posted it on Friday. He later launches into a polite Daffy Duck who reminded the passengers to remain clear of the "doorth" for their "thafety". He ends the briefing with Porky Pig's "Th-th-th-that's all folks!" and Road Runner's "Beep beep!" It has racked up almost two million views in just two days.

  • Salvatore Jensen