The Pokemon GO Buddy System Is a Smart Mechanic

While a Pokemon is designated to buddy duty, players won't be able to use it for other tasks in the game.

Aside from the newest Pokemon Buddy system, there are rumors of upcoming features that are likely to happen soon.

The new Buddy feature in "Pokemon Go" will allow one pokemon to walk with the trainer and it can not do other task or players of the game can not command the pokemon if it is assigned as a buddy. And lastly, the pokemon can not engage in gym battles as long as it is in the buddy mode. Buddy Pokemon are categorized into four, such as Medium, Shoulder, Big, and Flying.

Overall, the buddy system in Pokemon GO should allow trainers to acquire some rarer Pokemon much faster. The list includes Trading System where player can have duplicate Pokemons exchange for sweets, Player vs Player or PvP where players could face off with each other, Maps (in addition to PokeRadar) to enable players to navigate, track and catch Pokemon and the last item in the list is the Better Battling feature where players will be able to come up with a better strategy (offensive or defensive) right before the match. If a Pokemon is already assigned as a buddy, then it can not be told to do other tasks within the game.

Hanke also noted that trading makes sense as a future addition to the augmented reality title, given how its potential arrival can bolster the game's social features even more.

The developer's latest update, however, is the Buddy Pokemon, which allows "Pokemon Go" trainers to choose one of their pocket monsters to accompany them.

Additionally, the profile screen will showcase the player's Buddy Pokemon alongside their Trainer avatar.

More details about "Pokemon Go" and its trading feature should be made available in the near future.

Meanwhile, reports from GamePress showed a chart of the total distance players of "Pokemon Go" has to accomplish and hours required to obtain a bonus price. Examples displayed in the chart consist of distance traveled and number of hours needed to trek to obtain a certain pokemon.

  • Arturo Norris