Prince's Paisley Park To Open For Public Tours

The home and studio of legendary musician Prince, Paisley Park, will be opened for viewing to the public starting October 6.

"The Estate is working with the family to form an advisory council who will provide valuable input on the entire experience", Bremer Trust President Craig Ordal said in a statement.

Tickets for the October 6 opening will go on sale starting Friday at 3 p.m. Fans may purchase tickets through the Paisley Park's official website. The tour will also showcase artifacts from his Prince's famous private archive including instruments, wardrobe pieces and motorcycles.

The plan requires rezoning approval from the city, which posted documents about the plan on its website. Fans won't be able to walk up to Paisley Park and buy their tickets there.

A tribute to Prince outside his Paisley Park estate. Paisley Park's recording studios will continue to be used for special sessions, and concerts will likely be held as well.

Prince was born in Minneapolis and made Chanhassen his home. "Chanhassen will be pleased to demonstrate to the thousands of visitors to Paisley Park the same hospitality and respect that Prince enjoyed during his time in Chanhassen", he said.

Bremer Trust, which is overseeing Prince's estate, announced the daily tours Wednesday.

The house and studio located in Chanhassen, Minnesota, will be turned into a museum. The basic price for an individual ticket will be $38.50, but VIP tours will be offered to small groups priced at $100 or more. Tours will last just over an hour and be limited to 25 to 30 guests at a time, which means about 1,500 to 2,000 visitors a day at peak periods. "Much of his vision and design activity for Paisley Park as a museum is already in place", Denny Laufenburger said.

According to the late "Purple Rain" musician's sister, Tyka Nelson, Prince was actually making plans to open the estate up to the public before his death in April at age 57. It is only one issue the trust has to manage, along with determining who the music icons closest heirs are and selling some assets, including a home in the Caribbean, to pay estate taxes.

  • Salvatore Jensen