Conor McGregor's coach advises against defending his UFC featherweight title

After UFC 202 epic fight between Conor McGregor & Nate Diaz went down on Saturday night at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, the talk was about an immediate trilogy of the match.

Now that Conor has settled the score with Nate, Dana tells TMZ Sports that the Irish fighter needs to pick a weight class and stick with it. Conor, who usually fights at 145 lbs., bulked up to 168 lbs. to face Nate at UFC 202.

McGregor faced a mountain of criticism from fans and fellow fighters after falling to Diaz the first time around so this was his way of paying every one of them back with a win and a strong message of his own following the win.

"I don't think they want to do that", he said on Saturday. For five rounds they went toe-to-toe in a clean striking battle, leaving everything they had in the octagon. "I guess Aldo had learned from the last time". The problem with this fake retirement is that Conor was (and still is) the UFC Featherweight Champion. Former long-time champion José Aldo recently won the interim belt and is now next in line to face McGregor.

Were McGregor to forego his title it would nearly certainly result in a shift to lightweight, where he'd likely leap to the head of the queue of challengers to face new champion Eddie Alvarez. After McGregor's win against Diaz, Mayweather made this tweet likely in reference to setting up a date with McGregor. However, there are speculations that McGregor will not be having any fight until 2017.

The "suspension" can actually be revisited in two months, according to a state athletic official, and a member of McGregor's team not authorized to speak publicly on the matter said the injury "isn't new or something he won't get cleared from".

"I'm not interested in the third fight between those two right now for a couple of different reasons", White said on the UFC Unfiltered podcast. McGregor pocketed $3 million while Diaz takes home $2 million.

If MMA comes to NY in a couple of months time, Kavanagh said McGregor could be tempted to join the card although it is very soon after his bout with Diaz.

The Notorious' coach John Kavanagh revealed the 28-year-old could be targeting the bout at GAA headquarters after taking a crack at lightweight ruler Eddie Alavarez.

  • Julie Sanders